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Crestone Seismic Software Toolkit Overview

Introducing The Crestone Seismic Processing Software

This suite of software provides powerful problem solving routines such as Azimuthal Velocity Analysis, Low Frequency Kx-Ky Filter and 3D High Frequency Enhancement and much more. It builds on what is available in SeisSpace and ProMAX and provides you with many new routines to help improve your processing.

Improve Your Seismic Processing Results with Powerful Tools from Crestone

With over 40 new processes working as socket tools and many more interactive analysis routines that are plug-ins within the SeisSpace/ProMAX framework, your processing quality and productivity will show significant improvement. Better results for your clients will lead to more work and improved profits.

Proven Performance

This software has been in development over the past five years and is production ready. It is currently used commercially by many seismic processing and petroleum exploration companies. The processes in the software get millions of traces through it each month, improving results and increasing productivity.

The Crestone Toolkit in Action

One example from the Toolkit is 3D High Frequency Enhancement. The Hi Res output has achieved excellent definition on a variety of horizons which will enable the interpreter to map thin beds, faults and other stratigraphic and structural features.

  • Normal Processing
  • Hi Res Processing