Mapper Overview

Process name “Mapper”

The program will interactively map geometry information from ASCII files, the ProMAX database, or trace headers; also line ties, partial 3D extractions, printing, images, polygons, mapping attributes in 2D and 3D, and more. There are user configurable options to control the types and the way the information is displayed. The plot can be saved to several popular image file formats including .jpg, .png, and .pdf. Annotations can be drawn on the plot to bring attention to specific information. A subset of the seismic data in ProMAX can be retrieved by drawing a polygon on the map and exporting the values to the ’3D Partial Extractions’ tool.

When used in ASCII form, the user can load any ASCII file and interactively design what information to retrieve from the file and subsequently show on the plot. In the ProMAX method, all lines within an area are read from the ProMAX database and plotted.

  • Plot of CDP C-Static
  • Plot of Seismic Amplitude at Time Slice