3D Wavenumber Noise Suppression Overview

Process name “Wavy”

Suppress’ noise footprints like the acquisition footprint in seismic data by 3D wavenumber filtering on seismic time slices. Several modes of operation allow you to design filters, output filtered data, subtract noise from the data, and QC the noise footprint. Special features will smooth the 3D data but leave the structural/stratigraphic geology intact.

The filters can be cascaded in the flow so that different noise footprints can be removed. Some strong noise footprints may need several of the filters cascaded to sufficiently reduce its amplitude. Special options in the tool will remove the noise footprint and smooth the data in 3D but preserve the structural/stratigraphic features.

This tool is used to remove special footprints from 3D datasets. Parts of the tool were recently re-written so that it does not have to be run between time slice/unsliced. The slicing is done inside the tool now.

  • Left) Volumetric Curvature “Most Positive”< /br> Right) Volumetric Curvature “Most Postive” after 3D Wavenumber Noise Suppression
  • Left) Original Stack < /br> Right) Stack with 3D Wavenumber Noise Suppression