Low Frequency KX-KY Filter Overview

Process name “Freqxy”

Low Frequency Kx-Ky filtering can attenuate surface wave noise by wave-number filtering in the X and Y dimension over low frequency ranges. The tool is run in the shot domain and works especially well on cross-spreads in azimuthal mode.

This tool is used to remove ground-roll and other linear noise from shots.

The tool transforms the data to the frequency-wavenumber domain. A frequency dependent mix of adjacent traces is performed in the wave-number domain for the specified range of frequencies. The mix is dependent on the velocity, frequency range, and X and Y wave-numbers. The filtered data is then returned to the time-space domain.


  • Low Freq Kx Ky Noise Removal- Before
  • Low Freq Kx Ky Noise Removal- After