CVS Velocity Analysis Overview

Process Name “CVS Velocity Analysis”

The CVS velocity tool will perform interactive velocity picking of CVS panels. The input to the tool is CVS panels created with the SeisSpace 'Constant Velocity Stacks' tool. The CVS panels can be input using Disk Data Input -> Seismic Display. Or input directly into the display using the Seismic Standalone tool.

The tool read 'N' images of CVS stacks. Then the user can move through the images quickly by rolling the mouse wheel. When the CVS stack looks the best in a certain area, the user clicks the mouse and the velocity appears on the display. The user keeps selecting new velocities over the seismic data until its complete. The velocities are then saved to a SeisSpace VEL or PVL table.

The velocities can be picked in 3D using multiple Seismic Displays. Typically, the user will load an in-line in one display and a cross-line in a second display. As you roll the mouse wheel all displays will move to the same velocity panel. You can pick on either display.


  • CVS Velocity Analysis