Semblance Velocity Analysis Overview

Process name “Semblance Velocity Analysis with Interactive ETA Velocity Analysis”

The Semblance Velocity tool will perform interactive velocity and fourth order (ETA) picking using semblance. During analysis, the user has up to four windows to help pick velocities and ETA values. A window contains the current CDP gather, that can also be expanded to a super gather. A stacked section of the data is displayed in a second window, with the center traces in the stack will automatically update as you pick. The 3rd window is the semblance velocity where you pick the velocity in time and semblance. The 4th window is optionally, the ETA semblance, where ETA values are picked in time and semblance.

As you interactively pick velocities and ETA, you will see the CDP gather flatten and the stack improve. 


  • Semblance Velocity Analysis with Interactive ETA Velocity Analysis