Spectral Decomposition Overview

Process name “Specdecomp”

This tool images and maps temporal bed thickness and geologic discontinuities over 3D seismic surveys using the discrete Fourier transform to image and map temporal bed thickness and geologic dis-continuities. It outputs such things as Frequency Spectrum. Frequency Slices can be computed in time or on horizons.

This tool is used to find stratigraphic traps like channels and reefs. It measures frequency over a defined window, where changes in frequency can be seen. Once computed, you can pan through them.

An additional tool ‘Spectral Decomposition Scaling’ should be used to apply a spectral compensation factor to each frequency slice. The goal is to balance the wavelet spectrum by equalizing each frequency slice according to its average amplitude.


  • Spectral Decomposition- 38 Hz, Horizon 1100 ms
  • Spectral Decomposition- 70 Hz, Horizon 1430 ms